One thought on “Emmy’s Thrifty Tee Tips

  1. “Note that I did not say THRIFT stores. While I love a smelly, dirt cheap thrift store just as much as the next girl with a hip haircut, digging through hideous freebie t-shirts to find a diamond in the rough can be a massive time suck. Unless you have an insane amount of free time on your hands, I’d advise against it, also please tell me your secret.” ~ Emmy

    Emmy, you are either going to think we are a rad ‘old’ couple or two hobos – which I wonder? We gave thrift [opportunity or op] shops away as these are getting too pricey. And the quality garments have all been picked over prior to reaching the store front. Or the charities are now selling their best stuff on Ebay. Then there’s volunteer staff that get first dibs.

    So here’s the clincher, we go to the point of landfill, yes the rubbish dump. In Australia a lot of these sites have a Tip Shops. And you really are digging through the garment graveyard.

    Our secret to time you asked, so here it is. It’s old age [yes, there is an advantage] and retirement. Also, it’s a way of life – we are basically scavengers [that’s how I was able to retire at 50] that have been able to save a lot of money doing what we do.

    Love your blog and posts. And your collection of t-shirts. Thanks for sharing with us. And don’t forget to let us know if you think we are weird or cool.

    Karen and Danny at

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