Why You Should Buy Jewelry For Yourself

Most of us acquire jewelry as a gift – either from a love interest or a family member. While it’s great to receive a pretty accessory from others, there are a few drawbacks to not buying it for yourself. Thankfully it’s become a lot more common to treat yourself to a bit of bling (or at the very least shop for it with a partner so that you can choose something you’ll actually wear & enjoy for years).

Here’s why it’s fab to create your own collection of awesome accessories:

You get to choose the style:
Many of us have likely received necklaces or earrings that are too blingy or too simple for our taste. When you shop for yourself, you get to choose the style. This allows you to avoid metals you dislike and shapes that you may not be into so that you can buy something that you feel confident wearing. With specific piercing jewelry items like lip rings and nose rings this could be particularly important (after all, it’s going to be a central feature on your face – you don’t want to have to wear something that’s not you). In other cases, you may feel that you’re lacking jewelry for specific occasions. For instance, you may have lots of big and bold earrings suitable for a party, but nothing subtle for wearing to work or everyday usage. Buying jewelry yourself allows you to stock up on jewelry for all occasions.

You won’t get the size wrong:
There’s nothing worse than receiving beautiful jewelry that you can’t wear because it doesn’t fit. Rings are a common example of this – while rings can be resized, it’s often an expensive process and not always achievable with certain styles. Buying a ring yourself allows you to get the right size. Even with engagement rings, more women are choosing the ring themselves so that they can get the right size (if a traditional surprise proposal is desired, put 2 or 3 on hold at the store & have your fiancée purchase the one they’d like to pop the question with).

You’ll know the value:
Buying jewelry yourself also gives you a good idea of the value. Always keep receipts for expensive pieces. If you’re ever financially struggling in the future and need to sell some jewelry, you’ll know exactly how much you originally paid and what you ought to receive for it.

You’ll know if it’s authentic:
More importantly, you can ensure that the jewelry you buy is genuine and not a cheap knock-off. There are many low-cost metals that are able to imitate gold and silver (until they start to wear and fade). When you buy your own jewelry, you’ll know where it’s come from and you’ll have a better idea of how it was made. You can even make your own jewelry!

You deserve to treat yourself:
Many of us buy clothes, cars and vacations for ourselves. Why not also jewelry? A nice piece of jewelry can be a gift to yourself for when you feel you deserve to be treated. You can save up for it as you would with any other luxury item or simply add a few lovely preloved accessories to your cart during your next trip to the thrift shop! Why wait for someone else to buy you jewelry when you can gift it to yourself?!

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