4 Common Questions About Thrifting

Surprisingly, some people still don’t appreciate the importance of reuse or love hunting through the racks at their local thrift shop! An excuse heard often is that it’s “too hard to find good stuff!”. Thrifting success is a combination of preparation and execution techniques. You can easily score unique types of clothing that will revamp your closet but it all depends on how you approach your trips to the thrift shop.

With such a variety of thrift and charity shops you’re bound to find something somewhere! Check out the sales and discounts days of each store to ensure you get a bargain and the best deals. It is all about making the right choices and never giving up during our search. While most stores will categorize their items and make it easy for you to rummage through and get a befitting item, you need to be aggressive enough to get what you want.

With more stores embracing technology and allowing customers to shop online for their favorite items, it has become relatively straightforward for you to find exactly what you want. Here are some of the most common questions about thrifting:

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Easy #DIY Shoe Bling

Transform your shoes with these removable shoe embellishments from I Heart Maggie:

diy shoe bling

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