Addie’s Inspiring $20 #ThriftStyle

Addie of Old World New challenged herself to thrift together a head to toe sustainable street style outfit for only $20:

“I call this a sustainable style because every major piece was thrifted.  When we thrift, we are buying items that contain embodied energy.  This means that there was energy used to create them, but no energy (or resources) had to be used to resale them (save for items like tags that thrift stores use to price them).  Instead of buying a new piece of clothing and requiring new energy and resources, and instead of letting these perfectly good items end up in a landfill (cause mass pollution) – existing items are given a new purpose and lease on life!”

$20 Thrift Challenge Street Style

Got a groovy refashion to share? How about a funky upcycled accessory or decor tutorial? An amazing thrifted outfit?

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