#Upcycled Lego Embellished Glasses

Laxap shares his fabulous eye glasses embellishing method over on instructables:

DIY upcycled lego glasses frame embellishment

Why Embellish Your Glasses?

Glasses, no matter how iconic, can always do with a little bit of pizzaz. Changing the arms to Lego, like Laxap has done, is a really cool idea. Depending on how wide the frames are that you choose, you can really go to town with the hot glue gun, adding resin and so much more!

Your glasses and eyeglasses cases can be a real representation of your personality and love of taking something ‘everyday’ and turning into something quite spectacular.

It is important to note that when you are embellishing your eyeglasses, you should be careful not to damage the lens or the integrity of the frames. And, make sure to use eye and skin safe products too!

You can also upcycle matching eyeglass cleaning cloths by simply chopping up soft, non-fraying fabrics (like t-shirts) to match your refashioned spectacles and case!

Upcycled glasses case clutch by sheri pavlovic

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